Unique Designs. Made-to-Tailor. Just For You

We believe that there is a rug for everyone. Explore the countless possibilities of designing a rug and create your very own hand knotted art piece using our bespoke services. 

Take consultation from our design experts and co-create authenticity with our artisan family. Pick from an array of carefully coloured yarns, explore our wide range of textures and indulge in the different techniques of hand weaving. Create a rug crafted only for you

The Steps Involved

Step 1: We discuss your idea and create artwork
Step 2: Colours and materials are selected
Step 2: Colours and materials are selected
Step 3: A graph of design is drawn
Step 4: Finishing

Bespoke Form

To begin with bespoke process, upload images, references or pieces of inspiration below.  A member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your project.

+ Add files (max 4). File type: jpg & png format with a max of 2 MB per file.