All our rugs are crafted by hand. 

A handwoven rug can take anything from 1 month to 1 year to be completely made. Our artisans carefully craft each rug knot by knot with hands, making each piece extremely intricate and painstaking.

The entire elaborated process of creating a handmade carpet is implanted deeply with our country’s culture and history. Our rugs are an outcome of integration between age-old craft techniques and modern-day design aesthetics, which makes them classic yet contemporary.

Carpets Rugs Jaipur Bhadohi India


The making of our handwoven rugs involves numerous processes, right from sourcing of yarns to finishing and washing of the completed carpet. 

Raw material Selection 

The fibers used in our company include wool, natural silk, viscose, tencel, rayon and jute. Sourced from all around the world, our yarns are of exceptional quality and texture. All our yarns are also certified as toxin free.

Carding & Spinning 

Yarn provides texture to the rug and hence, needs to have the right blend of material and spin it at the right count, to give the right look to the rug. The wool is carded clean and spun into yarn, all using the magic of hands.

Carpets Rugs Jaipur Bhadohi India
Carpets Rugs Jaipur Bhadohi India
Carpets Rugs Jaipur Bhadohi India
Carpets Rugs Jaipur Bhadohi India


Being in the business of rugs for last 30 years through Bhadohi Carpets, we have learnt the art of dyeing from 4 generations. We monitor dyeing closely to achieve consistency in colors across different batches of dyed yarn.

Our yarns are dyed in an array of proprietary colours and blends. We try our best to ensure our dyeing process does not harm the environment to the most extent possible. Water utilised during the process goes through a treatment plant approved by the Central Board of Pollution Control, to ensure it is clean and re-usable.

Design Graph

Although we work with an age-old traditional craft technique of weaving, we believe that through design, moving ahead with current times is also essential. Our team of designers dedicatedly research on the upcoming trends and are always looking for inspirations around, while receiving some valuable feedback from our customers worldwide. 

Designs once formulated are digitally presented in the form of a graph. These graphs, hand painted at times, sit behind the loom for the weavers to follow.



Hand weaving is one of the most time-taking as well as intricate process in rug making. It is a skill where artisans convert dyed yarns to beautiful masterpieces of art, with the mere medium of hands. Our specialisation lies in mainly two types of hand weaving techniques- tibetan knots and napelese knots. We work with artisans, clusters, villages and centres in India, 4000 of which are women. 


The rug is further beautified and finished utilising techniques like Gultarashi, rafu, colour correction, over-dyeing and washing. Hand Stitched fabric labels are added to every rug after completion. 

Into Homes

Once a rug is ordered by you, it is packaged and delivered to be a part of your home. We create rugs for the diverse homes of India, to beautify and to live.