Classics is a collection that brings back the old world charm to the homes of today. Traditional persian motifs and designs of mesmerising florals and enchanting fauna enclosed amidst illustrious borders are hand knotted intricately in subtle and serene tones. The outcome is unadulterated beauty in the form of rich and timeless floor coverings that derive inspiration from the past but fit well in the present.


Dyed in the shades of modernity, Contemporaries is a series of fresh and abstract interpretations from our designer. Strokes of brush, dabs of colour and intersecting lines in symmetry and asymmetry bring out blurred depictions and unique patterns. Carefully crafted using the age-old technique of hand-weaving and designed aesthetically on contemporary lines, the rugs are a true symbol of modern luxury.

Print Story

The Collection Print Story is a celebration of patterns. From minimal geometrics, elaborate florals to striking stripes, every rug is accentuated with woven impressions. Taking inspiration from elements around us, the past and the present, the line boasts a series of one-of-a-kind statement art pieces fresh-out-of-the-loom.


‘The highs and lows, the cuts and piles, the carefully carved and oxidised’, creating an alluring touch and feel on the art underfoot. Expressionist Collection is a storehouse of exquisite tactile surfaces created utilising vivid finishing techniques, both old and new. Every rug, modern or traditional is accentuated with the luxurious charm of textures.

The Shift

In a journey of old to new, The Shift is a path of transition. The collection breathes new life into traditional designs, reminiscing the bygone with a mark of today and creating an aesthetic that is timeless.


A beautiful inconsistency of colours and a sustainable initiative make this collection truly one-of-a-kind. The Repurposed is a reclaimed and reconstructed collection of upcycled sari silks. Vivaciously coloured recycled silk textiles are given a new purpose and second life with this magnificent assortment of area rugs. Hand Knotted to perfection, the fine yarn and the erratic colours make each piece unique and crafted just for you.

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