With harmonious and continuous juxtaposition of diamonds, this collection of patterned rugs is inspired by the charming four-sided shape. Be it sweet smelling barfis or the glimmering diamond themselves, when in large quantities they make for a breathtaking composition.


A Splash of Colors on blank canvas, Canva is a collection representing just that. A chaotic yet beautiful blend of muted undertones and striking shades are amalgamated to bring out abstract patterns for the art underfoot. The spontaneous eruptions of vivid blushes, tones, strokes and splashes from an artists brush are translated into hand woven floor coverings that fit perfectly in a modern living space.


The collection Mosaic as its name suggests derives inspiration from the ancient Roman art form of assembling pieces of glass or stones together to create an image. Breathing new life into the age-old craft technique, mosaics are given a new language through the magic of rug making. Eclectic carpets are given an exquisite texture using a special oxidation technique, resulting rich statement area rugs.


Loose ends or sharp lines, checkered or slanting, the Strings collection takes you through the connected-disconnected journey of a yarn. The presence of threads through stitches and knots, loops and frays, is interpreted into vivid representation of patterned carpets.

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